Volume III of Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet, is now available for pre-order from Press 53 and will ship in mid-October. Each volume in the series contains 20 stories set in 20 countries by 20 writers.



Cape Verde: Tranquilidade—Debora C. Martin

Cote d’Ivoire: Getting Out—Mark Jacobs

Mozambique: Mozambique—Arthur Powers

Somalia: The Promise—Jeanne D’Haem

Zimbabwe: Disambiguation—Ben Berman

The Americas

Belize: To my daughter, on this your engagement day—Molly Fessler

Chile: The Outcast of the Universe—E. Shaskan Bumas

Dominican Republic: The Great Escape—Brenda Peynado

Uruguay: Leda and the Swan—Robert Kostuck

United States: The Apartment on Riverside Drive—Louise Farmer Smith


Azerbaijan: The Treasury of Mysteries—Deonna Kelli Sayed

Mongolia: The Monk—Teresa Hudson

Myanmar: Convergence on the Strand—Frank Light

Saudi Arabia: Pioneer—Anne Sanow


Croatia: On the Dalmatian Coast—Lana Spendl

Czech Republic: The Last Survivor—Barbara Krasner

England: Games—Colwill Brown

Finland: Breaking them with Words—J. Thomas Brown

Wales: Sleep is My Tunnel—Gail Tyson


Australia: Out Back—Jeff Fleisher