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  1. Thanks for your answer.

    They don’t want to explain themselves or defend their work, but they’re happy to demand that their creative-writing students do so!

    I often email authors with feedback on their stories, and I nearly always get nice replies.


  2. Combination, maybe. Unconsciously, but I’m busy, and I haven’t seen much to disagree with, I guess. People are entitled to their own opinions. Plus I’ve been engaged in political arguing all year; it’s possible I’m tired of arguing!

  3. Hi! I think a contraction counts as one word. If you use the handy app (see the submission page) that will count the words for you. I hope you all enter!

  4. Carolyn, thanks so much for reading the book! You can take both approaches simultaneously. When Zhang Boys was picked up by an agent, I had placed a couple of the stories in magazines. Byh the time it was published, 9 of the 12 had appeared in magazines. Best of luck!

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