Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet — Volume II

Everywhere Stories Vol II

Volume II in the Everywhere Stories series was released by Press 53 on September 26, 2016.

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Like Volume I, this book includes 20 short stories by 20 authors set in 20 countries. It’s still a dangerous world (the theme of Volume I), but in these stories we also discover that it’s a mysterious world. What’s going on in that hotel in Egypt? Does that Korean monk really have the ability to predict the future? What power does that shopkeeper in Panama have? And where does the little Turkish boy get his great strength?

Table of Contents (click on links to learn more about the author and the story)


Egypt: The Hôtel Paradis – Pamela Hartmann
Kenya: Too Old for War – Frank Scozzari
Mali: The Wellmaster’s Daughter – James Dorr
Morocco: The Stop—Alison Grifa Ismaili
Sierra Leone: Jonkshon—Brandon Patterson

The Americas

Brazil: Let us go forth into the wide world – Gabriela Maya
Guatemala: The Eye Man – Mark Brazaitis
Mexico: Today, Quite Early – Christopher Woods
Panama: Mí encanta Panamá – Robert Kostuck
United States: Epistolize the Abandoned – Candace Robertson


India: Almost Enlightened – Lucinda Nelson Dhavan
Lebanon: Jackal Weather – William Kelley Woolfitt
Pakistan: No Covenant – Hira Cheema
South Korea: The Monk in the Window – Frances Park
Turkey: Memiş the Conqueror – Joel Hodson


Belgium: Street of the Candlesticks—Rijn Collins
Ireland: All that Water – Brooks Rexroat
Norway: An Idea of the Journey – Chris Cleary
Poland: The Guardian – Barbara Krasner


Samoa: Fatu Ma Futi – John Matthew Fox