>20 Questions (continued)

Answers to Question #1 are still coming in:

Scott Doyle:
I am finally getting around to reading Revolutionary Road, and am two-thirds of the way through. I found Part One quite good, at times brilliant: real harrowing stuff emotionally. Part Two had some point-of-view changes that were intriguing, but also threw me a little. And it’s one of those things where I’m thinking, ‘Does this bother me just
because I’m a writer?’ But there are some interesting complications, and I’m
looking forward to Part Three. I may or may not see the movie. [Scott Doyle has a story in the Winter Issue of New Madrid, and blogs at LitScribbler]

Mithran Somasundrum:
At the moment for want of anything else I’m re-reading The Hound of the
(Conan Doyle). I’m enjoying the atmosphere all over again — the brooding fog-bound moor, the sense of nameless dread, mysterious goings on in Baskerville Hall (who is Barrymore signal to?). Plus, there’s a certain kind of period dialogue I can’t get enough of (“At last Watson we have a foeman worthy of our steel”.) I envy anyone reading it for the first time. [Mithran Somasundrum is a short story writer published in literary and genre mags.]

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