>2008 Pushcart Prize Rankings (improved)

>Different, anyway. I had a request to include the score for each magazine in the list, as I have done in the past. I suppose I did not do that initially because the score has been misrepresented by some people who refer to this list. It is NOT the number of nominations received, or Prizes received. It is a value determined according to a simple formula that incorporates Pushcart Prize stories as well as Special Mentions. But I understand that the scores are useful and interesting – for example, even though Ploughshares won only one prize this year, it still has a score that is far higher than any other magazine. I also modified the rankings a bit so that ties are reflected throughout the list, not just at the bottom. So your magazine may appear to have jumped a few spots, but in fact the order remains the same. The list is here.

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  1. >Hi,
    I went through your blog and your listing of magazines that take on fiction and non-fiction submissions. I am from India and I am keen to get published in the US. Are there magazines in the US that accept submissions from other countries (in my case India). Do let me know.

  2. >Yes, almost all magazines in the United States will accept submissions from other countries, and there are many fine writers from India published here. You may wish to take a look at the listings on Duotrope.com to get specific guidelines, especially for those magazines that accept submissions online. Good luck!

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