2015 Reading: The Poison that Purifies You by Elizabeth Kadetsky

poisonpurifiesThe Poison That Purifies You by Elizabeth Kadetsky

This report won’t go into too much detail because I’m writing a full review of the book to be published elsewhere (I’ll post links when that’s available), but I wanted to include this in my reading log now.

I’ve known Elizabeth for several years. I think we first met at a writers’ colony or conference, and now sometimes bump into each other at AWP. So I was pleased to see this story collection from CR Press, a small outfit that is producing some very nice books.

And I really enjoyed the stories here, which are dark and complex, just the kind of stories a serious reader can dive into and think about. Plus several of them take place abroad (India, Guatemala, etc.), another sort of story I like (and perhaps should have solicited for Everywhere Stories).

See my Review of The Poison that Purifies You at Prime Number Magazine.

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