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>If you have a Harvard connection, you probably received a free copy (and subscription offer) from 02138, a magazine by, for and about the rich, the powerful, the famous among Harvard’s alumni (and not quite alumni; in order to include Bill Gates in the list of 100 most powerful Harvard alums, it appears they had to make an exception). Anyway, I skimmed through it and have two observations. They should have included George W. Bush on the list of most embarrassing Harvard alums (he has an MBA from the Business School); and the review of Jonathan Franzen’s new book by Robert Polito (who is on the faculty of the Queens MFA Program, among other things) is excellent and the only article I read all the way through.

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  1. >Hmm…I didn’t get one. But I wasn’t thrilled with the tone of the web site. Kinda gross and self-congratulatory.

  2. >I got the same feeling from the [glossy] hard copy. I’m not even tempted to subscribe (at $36/year). Although the editor did include a couple of fiction writers in the list of the 100 most influential Harvardians, which was gratifying: John Updike and Margaret Atwood.

  3. >I finally got it in the mail today. I can’t even open it. I mean, honestly, a woman without a shirt is the best they can offer? I’m so glad that the Harvard education helped.

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