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>Painfully punctual. It’s February 1, so Andrew has posted the February picks for Andrew’s Book Club. As you will recall, Andrew is picking two short story collections each month, one from a big press and one from a small press, and participants are encouraged to [buy and] read the books, and post comments. I’m already behind because I ordered January’s books mid-month and don’t yet have them. So I wasn’t going to participate this month. But. It just so happens that I received a gift certificate from Amazon.com. So. I ordered them. And soon I will have the new Antonya Nelson, Nothing Right, and the new Kirsten Sunbberg Lunstrum, Swimming With Strangers.

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  1. >Ack! I’m behind, too. I ordered January’s small press selection several weeks ago…guess I better check to be sure it’s enroute…

  2. >Yes, Mary, you’d best check. I made a comment a week or so ago on Andrew’s site that I hadn’t received the small press book yet. Dan Wickett happened to see it and followed up. He said he thought they’d shipped it to me right away, but I didn’t get it. He was going to get on it, but I still don’t have it.

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