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Remember when The Atlantic Monthly dumped their monthly fiction in favor of an annual summer fiction issue? And remember that the fiction issue was sold separately, only on the newsstand, not part of a subscription? I do, and as a fan of the fiction in the magazine, and the great fiction editor C. Michael Curtis, this pissed me off. I often found the rest of the magazine to be terrific, but my favorite part had been the fiction. So for some time I’ve been considering dropping my subscription . . .

Good thing I didn’t. Today, the new issue arrived and it included a “supplement to The Atlantic” — the 2010 Fiction issue! The issue includes stories by T. C. Boyle, Amanda Briggs, Jerome Charyn, and others, and essays by Richard Bausch and Joyce Carol Oates. Plus poetry, an interview, and short reviews. It looks great.

Whether the supplement will be available for purchase separately I don’t know, but in any case it appears to be available online: Atlantic Fiction 2010.

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  1. >My understanding is that they're publishing fiction, a story at a time, in a Kindle edition — not in the magazine itself. If you've heard otherwise, please share!

  2. >Thanks. But I don't read that to say, necessarily, that stories will be once again included in the regular issues. It mentions the supplement–and if I'd read last month's issue more carefully I guess I would have known about that–and it refers to the Kindle stories published by The Atlantic, but it doesn't say that they'll be publishing fiction regularly. It would be nice if they would, but I'll be surprised.

    For others, here's the announcement in the April issue.

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