>AWP 2009

>I thought I was done writing about the AWP Conference, but I guess I’m not. I managed to bring home a bunch of books and magazines and I wanted to tell you about them. It’s not as big a haul as in past years, since I was flying and didn’t want the extra weight, but it’s respectable:

Willow Springs No. 63
Colorado Review No. 35.3
Tusculum Review No. 3
Salamander No. 14.1
TriQuarterly No. 132
New Madrid Winter 2009
Passages North No. 30.1

I also managed to acquire a couple of books: A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness , a beautiful book from Rose Metal Press consisting of four short short fiction chapbooks by Amy Clark, Elizabeth Ellen, Kathy Fish, and Claudia Smith; and Maps of the Imagination: The Writer as Cartogrpaher by Peter Turchi.

I don’t know when I’ll read all this, but at least it isn’t quite as obscene as last year.

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  1. >Cliff,

    That Rose Metal Press book is wonderful and the issue of Tri-Quarterly that you picked up has a long story by Justin Quarry that is amazing.

  2. >Indeed, the presence of Justin’s story (and that of Fred Leebron, one of my Queens teachers) was why I got that issue!

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