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This year at AWP, instead of overwhelming myself with panels, I went to only one each day (because, frankly, I didn’t see a lot that appealed to me). The rest of the time I was in the bookfair, mostly at the Press 53/Prime Number Magazine Booth. That was fun, in part because so many people stopped by to say hello. I especially loved it when people I didn’t know came up to me to thank me for my Literary Magazine Rankings. It’s nice to be appreciated.

At the Press 53/Prime Number booth, I got to hang out with many other Press 53 Authors and help the publisher sell their books (along with mine). Also, most of these authors joined us for the Press 53 reading at Barnes & Noble on Friday night. I have most of these books now, and I look forward to reading the ones I haven’t yet read:

Paradise Drive by Rebecca FoustParadise_Drive_by_Rebecca_Foust

Fissures by Grant FaulknerFissures_cover

Twelve Women in a Country Called America by Kelly CherryTwelve_Women_Cover

Frozen Latitudes by Therése HalscheidFrozen_Lititudes_cover

What Happened Here by Bonnie ZoBellWhat_Happened_Here_cover

A Fingerprint Repeated by Jeffrey CondranCover_A_Fingerprint_Repeated

From the Crooked Timber by Okla ElliottCrookedTimberCover

One Last Good Time by Michael KardosBioMichaelKardos~~element380

Best Road Yet by Ryan StoneBest_Road_Yet_Cover_small

Paper, Cotton, Leather by Jenny Sadre-OrafaiPaper_Cotton_Leather_cover

Scissored Moon by Stacy R. NigliazzoScissord_Moon_Cover

Tea in Heliopolis by Hedy HabraTea_in_Heliopolis_cover

Eyes Like Broken Windows by Seth MichelsonCover_Eyes_Like_Broken_Windows

Cold Spring Rising by John Thomas YorkCold_Spring_Rising_Cover

Unaccountable Weather by Kathryn KirkpatrickUnaccountable_Weather_final

My Life as Laura by Kelly Kathleen FergusonLaura_Cover

Home of the Brave edited by Jeffery HessHome_of_the_Brave_Somewhere_in_the_Sand

Blood Sisters of the Republic by Wendy WillisCover_Blood_Sisters_of_the_Republic

and my three books: In an Uncharted Country, What the Zhang Boys Know,  and Everywhere StoriesEverywhere_Stories_coverIAUC_Gold_Medal_hi-resWhat_the_Zhang_Boys_Know_cover


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  1. Really enjoy that you share the books you buy and intend to read. I look them up. Not all appeal but some do. Much thanks.

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