>AWP: Thursday

>As I mentioned yesterday, I was supposed to get to Atlanta on Wednesday evening, but didn’t make it. Which meant that I missed the panels I planned to attend on Thursday, including several with friends I would like to have heard. Instead, after I registered, I wandered around the bookfair, starting collecting journals and other free stuff, and aimed for the gathering arranged by Dan Wickett for the Emerging Writers Network. Dan has done a great job over at EWN describing various happenings, so check that out. I saw some old friends there and made some new ones, and it was wonderful to meet Dan.

After cruising a couple of the receptions hosted by various writing programs, I went to the “Key Note Address” delivered by Lee Smith. I had thought she’d be reading from her work, but instead she talked about her “life in books”–playing with the notion that a writer tends to think of her life in terms of what book she was working on at the time, what events interrupted the work, what got her back on track.

For me, that was enough for Thursday–I was beat.

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