>Best American Mystery Stories 2007

>This was a nice surprise. I found out today that my story “Heading for Home,” which appeared last year in The Baltimore Review, is named as a Distinguished Mystery Story of 2006 in the Best American Mystery Stories 2007 volume that just came out. The anthology includes 20 stories by such notables as James Lee Burke, Louise Erdrich, William Gay and Joyce Carol Oates. The list of Other Distinguished Stories includes another 30 titles, including mine and “The Accomplished Son” by Jim Tomlinson from Potomac Review. I didn’t think of my story as a mystery, but there’s a crime and some detective work and a sheriff, so why not?

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  1. >Congrats, Cliff! I’ve really enjoyed this series, and the work featured isn’t always what you’d think would be published in a mystery anthology. A lot of literary fiction with only a slint bent on crime.

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