>Birthday Boy

>Bhikku is 5 years old today. (The picture is the same one I used on his birthday last year but, believe me, he doesn’t look any different this year. Except for the hat. I can’t find the hat.)

Update: Bhikku has had a great day. Not only did we go for our walk in the woods earlier than usual–the walk is something he seems to live for, and it’s not hard to understand why, with all the new smells and and ever-changing terrain to explore–but I got him a present: a stuffed goose that honks. Suffed animals don’t last long with him and at this writing he’s eaten off the goose’s feet, but you can tell he totally enjoys toying with the toy, tossing it in the air, trying to make it honk, circling it, preparing to pounce if necessary. Five is good.

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  1. >Belated birthday wishes to Bhikku. Looks just like my lab Lincoln, pet name Linky. Nice party hat. I can tell he likes it.

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