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>I hesitate to post, if only because I like the picture of Grace & Bob so much and don’t want to move it down the page. But time marches on.

My post awhile back about the Christian Taliban prompted an exchange that is ongoing, from an offended reader. It isn’t my intention to make this forum a permanent soapbox, though, so I won’t try to defend my earlier words–which I thought pretty much said everything I needed to say on the subject. But it turns out, and this is the real reason for today’s post, that I was not the first to use the term. Here is an interesting article on America’s Christian Taliban.

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  1. >Wow. Makes me feel sick just to think of it. Here is my favorite passage: “So, it may be time to admit that our tolerance of Christian fundamentalists is turning us into a nation of chumps. By claiming it is they who are being persecuted, the Christian Taliban have cowed mainstream Christians and secularists into silence, even as they impose their own faith-based governance upon us.”

  2. >Interestingly, I just got a subscription offer from Free Inquiry, which tries to challenge this kind of thinking. I don’t have time for another magazine, but I’m going to subscribe.

    Check out Secular Humanism

  3. >I heard an interesting interview with Bill Maher the other day on NPR. He made what I considered an excellent point: the extreme conservative right grossly confuse the definitions of morality and values with Christianity and religion. Their definition doesn’t take into consideration that someone may be a Buddist, a Moslem, an atheist and still have strict morals and values to which they adhere.

  4. >Exactly!

    But even more, the so-called moral values that the Evangelicals preach, which are mostly about personal behavior that is none of their business, leave out more fundamental issues of poverty, hunger, health, freedom from coercion, etc.

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