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>Unless things have changed since I was last in China (June), I won’t be able to post updates here until I return. Look for news here on December 22nd. (China has managed to block access to many blogs since freedom of expression is such a dangerous thing; I’m surprised that George Bush hasn’t followed suit.)

It looks like the weather for the outbound trip will cooperate (Washington to Chicago to Beijing), but it’s too soon to guess about the return. I’ll arrive in Beijing Sunday afternoon, will spend the evening getting settled and rested, and then on Monday morning I’ll be off to Nanjing, followed by stops in Shanghai and Hangzhou. These are three very comfortable Chinese cities and although I’ve got full slates of meetings in each place, it should be pleasant enough. Hangzhou in particular is nice; the hotel where I stay is part of the Shangri-La chain, is located on scenic West Lake, and is loaded with amenities. Then I’ll head back to Beijing for more meetings and a wrap-up session with the government (Ministry of Finance) and some get togethers with friends in Beijing, before heading home.

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