Book Launch: Let Them Eat Cake

Darjeeling book launchI see no reason to limit myself to just ONE book launch party. So we had the very nice affair down in Winston-Salem last week, hosted by Press 53, and this week we had a party with many of my friends here in Staunton. The party was at The Darjeeling Cafe and featured this amazing cake. (My writer friend Maggie organized everything, including the cake. Thanks, Maggie!)

The cake was huge. The appetizers were also very good–dips and veggies and homemade tortilla chips. And did I mention the cake?

I also read a little bit from the book and answered some questions. It was a delightful evening, and there was wine. (Thanks Jack and Mary Beth!)

This isn’t the last of the celebrations . . .

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  1. With apologies to any viewer, I am not clear to whom or where this may be posted, but I had never heard of Mr. Garstang. I do, however, spend my summers in Staunton, VA at an old family farm. I happened to miss the party noted above, but I did stumble across a signed copy of this book perhaps three weeks ago in the Darjeeling Cafe (a wonderful Woodstock-like little place.) This was a wonderful treat for any reader. Melancholy, engaging, thoughtful, enjoyable and enveloping all at the same time. A unique experience for me as a reader. Cries out for a sequel that I expect should not be written. Top marks for this work, at times I could not even tell some stories were written by the same author. Very, very good. My thanks to the author for writing this.

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