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I’ve been away, that’s my excuse. Last week, I got swamped with preparations for a trip, and then went to Chicago for the weekend. I hope to post pictures later, but here are some highlights:

– I participated (as a member of the planning committee) in the Northwestern University Alumni Association‘s Annual Leadership Symposium. The program was terrific enough, but the reception on the first night included (I hesitate to say “featured”) a book signing by me. So I sat at a table while the bookstore sold books and I signed them, chatted with my fellow Alumni, and drank a little wine.

– On Friday, at the conclusion of the symposium, we had another reception, this time in order to meet the new President of the University, Morty Schapiro. I did have a chance to speak with him for a few minutes, and that was a great opportunity.

– Saturday was the NU football game, and a narrow win over Eastern Michigan (that should not have been narrow), but the highlight was going to the game with my family and my good friend Paul.

– Saturday night was awesome. We had arranged for a party at Carnivale, a hot restaurant in the market district in Chicago. I got there a little later than planned, and one of my guests was waiting when I got there–bad form on my part but traffic was crazy due to a U2 concert, apparently. But gradually people assembled, we ate and drank, I signed books, and 16 of us stayed for dinner at one big table, which worked out perfectly. (I’d been obsessing about that reservation for weeks.) The group included friends from high school, grad school, law school, law practice, and family, and I had a great time.

– Sunday I visited with my high school friend Carol and explored Hyde Park a little, something I don’t think I’ve ever done before.

And now I’m back trying to get caught up on everything because I’m excited to get back to work on my writing tomorrow!

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  1. >As an Eastern Michigan alumnus (M.A. 2005) and spouse of a faculty member I can't congratulate you on the game, but I am looking forward to getting my hands on the book!

  2. >Chicago? Wow, that's only 90 minutes south of me!

    Btw, wanted to say how much I enjoyed "Saving Melissa" – what a fabulous story. Love, love it.

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