>Book Tour: Concord

>After a pleasant trip to Boston and a nice drive north to Concord, NH, I had a very nice event hosted by Gibson’s Bookstore in downtown Concord. Gibson’s is one of those great independent bookstores where I could spend hours browsing. I didn’t have hours, though, but as it happened I spotted right away the book I wanted to buy: the new novel by Chang-rae Lee.

A few minutes after 7:00 we got started. The talk was recorded for radio, and eventually I’ll post a link here. And there were about a dozen people in attendance. After a nice intro by the events coordinator for the store, I chatted for a while, then read from “Flood, 1978,” and answered a lot of questions.

I’ll post pictures when I get home, but for now you can visit Gibson’s Facebook Page to see the shots they took. And if you’re ever in Concord, stop into this great store!

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