>Bread Loaf: Day 11 (Saturday)

The last day: a light one, as people begin to leave. We had our last workshop session in the morning, going over two pieces. If not the best workshop I’ve ever been apart of, this one is right up there, and I am now a certified fan of Mac McIlvoy as both a person and a writer.

After lunch there were various other activities, all of which I managed to miss. I spent some money at the bookstore, packed, took a walk, and came back for the afternoon reading that featured poet Jason Schneiderman and fiction writers Nicholas Montemarano and Glaydah Namukasa, the fellow from my workshop.

Thank you speeches were made at the farewell dinner and then we reconvened for the last readings: poet David Baker and fiction writer Sigrid Nunez.

In the barn we had the slideshow retrospective–candid shots taken throughout the course of the conference–followed by the “last dance.” Wine and beer were consumed. And then I headed back to the house where a couple of the guys were assembling on the porch for last beers.

The end.

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