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>Not that I’ve been a prolific poster lately, but it’s about to get worse. Early tomorrow I am driving to Boston (about 600 miles) to visit friends, then on Wednesday I’ll head up to Vermont. Bread Loaf starts on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to it! I’m not sure I’ll be able to post here much during the conference, but I will definitely post notes as soon as I get home.

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  1. >Hey, Breadloaf! Great! Eager to hear your reports when you return.
    I applied to poetry about 15 yrs. ago and was turned down. Never had the nerve to try again. Do tell us your experiences.

  2. >Cliff, have a great time and do give a full Bread Loaf report when you get back. I’ll be eager to hear all about it!


  3. >Thanks, Bev, Jim and Katie. I’m most of the way there now–visiting in Boston. Terrible storms on the way up, and awful traffic on the Mass. Turnpike, but now a couple of days to relax before I head up to Vermont. More later!

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