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>Unquestionably, the wonderful thing about an artists’ community such as VCCA is the dedicated space and time or work—no meals to prepare, no dogs to walk, nothing to clean, no interrupting telephones, manageable (controllable!) internet access. But a big part of the experience is the . . . community—the other artists sharing the space. I had a terrific experience last year with the community and this year was the same: a great group.

There were two composers: Sabang Cho and Jan Hamer. We also had several visual artists: Fiona Ross, Katherine Kadish, Jodi Boatman, Sharon Harper, Miriam Nathan, Fred Hayes, Sonja Hinrichson and Liz Wolf. And a bunch of writers: Sarah Browning, Brandon Shimoda, Van Brock, Flavia Lobo, Suzanne Wise, Margo Solod, Daniel Meltzer, Ira Sukrungruang, Marianne Swierenga and Vivian Teter. (I tried to find interesting links for everyone–unfortunately there were a few I couldn’t find–so please check them out!)

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  1. >I can’t imagine the place clearing out as it did. Sounds quite lonely, actually, but maybe conductive to work. Glad you got a lot done.

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