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>Writers’ Conferences. I’ve been to a bunch. They’re fun and educational. What more could you want? And with the arrival of summer, conferences are happening all around. I don’t go to these things for the workshops, anymore (although of course I learn a lot from getting comments on my work and commenting on the work of others, as anyone would), but for me the attraction is the interaction with other writers–the social events, the readings, the craft discussions. Did I mention the social events?

I’m only going to one conference this summer: the Sewanee Writers’ Conference. Of all the conferences I’ve been to, I’d say this is my favorite. I’m looking forward to going back. Soon!

Another that I’ve been to in the past just wrapped up. That’s the Tinker Mountain Writers’ Workshop.

One that I have NOT been to that gets underway soon is the Tin House Summer Writers Workshop. It’s a bit far away, but they assemble a great faculty and I’ve heard only good things about.

Then of course there’s the granddaddy of summer conferences, Bread Loaf, which takes place in August. For me, Bread Loaf is a close second to Sewanee overall, and is stronger in the variety of craft seminars that are available. The accommodations aren’t as nice, however, and it’s considerably more expensive. But it is in cool Vermont during hot, hot August, so there’s that.

I didn’t go to Under the Volcano this January and I probably won’t go next year either, but it has been a great experience each of my previous years, partly because of the setting in Tepoztlan, Mexico, and partly because of the faculty I’ve worked with.

There are lots of other conferences, of course. Check out The Guide to Writers Conferences & Workshops for a listing, or visit AWP’s Writer’s Conferences & Centers.

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