>While working up some magazine submissions yesterday, I discovered a couple of interesting things.

First, the minnesota review (the lower case is theirs, not mine), which presumably was once located in Minnesota (or not, I guess) and which, when I first became aware of it was at the University of Missouri, is now based at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh along with Jeffrey Williams, to whom it seems to be attached. In addition to the new location (how new I’m not sure), it also has a very new website which looks like it will be worth exploring. I also discovered that the magazine once had a Marxist tilt and now has a broader literary and cultural focus.

Second, Rattapallax has gone out of the print magazine business and is now all-DVD. If it were a CD, I might still be interested, but in the new format I believe I can safely delete the magazine from my submissions database, take it off the radar screen, erase it from my memory.

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