Everyone Pay Attention to Me!

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Wednesday was a busy day. I got no writing done, but it still felt productive, mostly because I spent the day as if I was wearing this T-shirt. Everyone Pay Attention to Me!

You see, it was the official publication day for Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet, my new book, an anthology of 20 stories by 20 different writers set in 20 countries. I think it’s a terrific book, so my goal is to get it in front of as many people as possible. Yesterday was a big part of that. Here’s some of what occupied my time:

  • responding to questions directed to me in a Goodreads discussion focused on the short story
  • spreading the word (and the podcast) about a radio interview I did with Rudy Maxa’s World, a well-known travel program
  • spreading the word about an interview with me that appeared today on a blog
  • letting people know about two guest blog posts that I did last week
  • sending out a newsletter (via Mailchimp) to remind my subscribers that today would be an excellent day to order the book
  • corresponding about a meeting with a publisher
  • responding to an invitation to moderate a panel
  • talking to a non-profit about joining a committee (see, it wasn’t all related to the book)
  • informing the contributors to the anthology what was going on, this being publication day
  • planning for the launch party scheduled for this Friday, at which 4 of my contributors will read
  • exploring other venues for readings

As I said, it was a busy day. Who knows if this effort will pay off, but I’ve seen other anthologies disappear without a trace because the editors did little or nothing to promote them. I owe it to the contributors, and to myself, to try to do better.

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