Everywhere Stories Contributor Spotlight: Rijn Collins

Contributor Rijn Collins’s story, “Street of the Candlesticks,” is set in Belgium. It’s one of 20 stories included in Volume II of Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet, available now from Press 53, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Rijn Collins is an Australian writer with over 80 short stories published in anthologies and literary journals, performed at festivals in Melbourne and Chicago, and broadcast on Australia’s Radio National. She recently won first place in the inaugural Sarah Awards in New York. More of her work can be found at rijncollins.com.

Rijn Collins’s comment on “Street of the Candlesticks”—Rue des Chandeliers (Street of the Candlesticks) is a narrow pedestrian street snaking through the medieval heart of Brussels. For seven months back in 2006, it was my home. Trying to find my feet in a city where I knew no-one, I would sit at my windowsill and write about the stories that passed by below. Nobody ever thinks to look up at the windows. “Street of the Candlesticks” is a blend of fact and fiction and for me, a love letter to my favorite place in the world, beautiful Brussels.

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