Everywhere Stories Contributor Spotlight: Robert Kostuck

Everywhere Stories Volume III

Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small PlanetVolume III is now available for pre-order. Like the earlier volumes, this book includes 20 short stories by 20 writers set in 20 countries. Robert Kostuck’s story is set in Uruguay.

Robert Kostuck is an M.Ed. graduate from Northern Arizona University. Recently published fiction, essays, and reviews appear in many print journals and anthologies. He is currently working on two novels, short stories, and essays; his short story and essay collections seek a publisher.

Comment on “Leda and the Swan”: Uruguayan poet Delmira Agustini was born on 24 October 1886 and killed by her ex-husband Enrique Job Reyes in a murder/suicide on 6 July 1914. She was 27 years old. This story, in a series of vignettes, imagines Delmira’s life from July 1913 to July 1914.

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