>Favorite Online Magazines?

>Esquire Magazine’s Book Blog recently included a post about Great Online Literary Magazines. It’s a short list, given the one point three million magazines there are out there (give or take): Narrative, Flatmancrooked, Guernica, Anderbo, and Adirondack Review.

No doubt these magazines are all worthy, but I can think of many that are their equals, and I’ve been thinking it’s time to start compiling a Perpetual Folly list of the best online magazines.

What magazines would you include on your list of favorites?

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  1. >I don’t think it’s a very good list. It sounds like she ran a quick Google search. Has Flatmancrooked even been around for a year?

    If I was choosing the list I would have picked well-established, pure lit journals, with an even spread of fiction and poetry. (I like Guernica, but fiction/poetry isn’t the focus.) Maybe Night Train, elimae, Juked, Blackbird, failbetter…

  2. >Hi,
    I’m from Vietnam and the online magazines are open doors for me to see what’s going on in American Literature.

    In my opinion, I think 2river, Jacket magazine, Action Yes and The Cafe Irreal should be in the list of top e-magazine. I also think of Archipelago but it appears no longer active.

  3. >Ravi, thanks for the suggestions. I am going to build a list . . . soon.

    Hieu, thanks for visiting. 2river and Jacket were both new to me, so thanks. Action,Yes is a puzzle but quite interesting. I don’t know Archipelago at all . . .

  4. >I love Blackbird, Narrative, Storyglossia, Hobart online, Agni online, Failbetter, elimae, Diagram, Freight Stories…and lots more I’m forgetting at the moment. I also think Memorious is pretty awesome, but I’m also biased, since I’m on staff. 🙂

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