>And I ain’t talking about snow. Not quite ready to actually write anything, and still organizing the files and the desk, and unpacking, and shovelling (that’s a lie–for the inch and a half that accumulated I’m willing to let the sun and the wind do the work), and generally tending to business. I’ll write tomorrow. But the flurry: I have a pile of languishing flash fiction and prose poems that need to be out in the world. Snail mail submissions seemed like too much trouble for these little darlings, so I’ve targed several zines that seem creditable and I’ve made numerous cybersubmissions this weekend. One flash here, another there, two poems at a third place, five at a fourth. In the process, I discovered New Pages, a highly useful tool for both print and online publication searches, with hotlinks to websites. There are dozens of lists around, on and offline, but this is the best one I’ve seen.

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