Forthcoming Books: What the Zhang Boys Know, a novel in stories


It’s been a busy week, so there hasn’t been much time for blogging. And there still isn’t, but I wanted to post this image of the cover of my new book, What the Zhang Boys Know, a novel in stories that will be published on September 1 by Press 53.

I’m excited about this release. The stories that make up the novel center on Nanking Mansion, a condominium building on the edge of Washington, DC’s Chinatown. As the book begins, Zhang Feng-qi, an immigrant from Shanghai, has just lost his American wife in a Beltway automobile accident and is faced with the challenge of raising their two sons. He begins a search for a replacement wife while the boys are convinced that their mother will come back (because they learned in Sunday School that it could happen). Along the way, readers meet the other residents of the building, a diverse mix of artists, teachers, writers, and lawyers.

Stories from the book have appeared in Bellevue Literary Review, Blackbird, Valparaiso Fiction Review, Cream City Review, Wisconsin Review, Tampa Review, Prime Mincer, FRiGG and GSU Review (New South).

Stay tuned for information about pre-ordering and appearances.

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  1. >LOVE the cover. I enjoyed In An Uncharted Country and look forward to this one 🙂

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