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>No, that’s not an offer. It was more like an orgy. In the local newspaper today there was a story about the closure of Final Draft, a local used bookstore that couldn’t make a go of it. The store opened 2 years ago in nice space in our downtown area and then about a year ago it moved to chepaer space downtown. But a couple of months ago the owners decided they just weren’t getting enough business to justify keeping the store open. They had a big sale in November, at which I picked up a few things, and it was my understanding that they were going to pack up the books and continue as an online bookseller. Apparently not, though, as the newspaper reported they started giving books away yesterday and would be open again today to do the same.

I don’t need any books, but free is free so I went. And came home with 10 hardcovers, from things I’d wanted to read to things I probably would never have paid for, by authors such as Brady Udall, Louise Erdrich, Amos Oz, Steward O’Nan, Sheri Reynolds and Neal Stephenson.

The question of where I will keep these books has not yet been resolved.

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