>FTC Craziness

>There’s considerable buzz today about an FTC decision that could have implications for bloggers who review books, as I do from time to time. Check out Ed Champion’s interview with the FTC’s Richard Cleland about the new rules.

As I read this, if an author or publisher sends me a book for review, I must disclose this fact at the time my review appears or dispose of the book. If I don’t, that’s deemed compensation in violation of the rule and I could be subjected to a fine. Or not? They’re still working out the kinks, apparently. What I want to know, though, is if there is a loop-hole. It seems to me that if books for review are received by me on behalf of my publication, Perpetual Folly, and if title is retained in the book while it is on loan to me for the purposes of the review, then I as a blogger should not be subject to the rule. Hey, it’s not my book! It belongs to the blog!


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