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>While the big publishers are out looking for the next best-seller and basically dehumanizing the industry, small presses continue to innovate. I mentioned recently how Dzanc Books and Other Voices Books had joined forces. Today I became aware of Press 53’s Get Lit! Book Party program. The idea is that in specified geographic areas (not mine, yet, unfortunately), you host a party, invite your friends, and the chosen author in Press 53’s list will come, read, talk, and the books will be available for sale with a portion of the proceeds going to a worthy cause. That sounds like my kind of party. Another GREAT IDEA from Press 53.

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  1. >Hey, Cliff. You’re awesome. Thanks for spreading the word. A party in your area is not out of the question, by the way. Who would you like to visit? I’ll see if he/she/they can make it.


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