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My next class on Writers.com begins on Monday, June 13, and runs for 8 weeks: Get Published! — Publishing the Short Story or Essay. Take a look at the course description and think about joining us.

When I got my MFA, we learned very little, if anything, about the business of getting published. Sure, there was a panel discussion near the end of the program about literary magazines and agents, but no real discussion of how to go about getting published. As it turns out, our program wasn’t unique, as I’ve heard from many MFA program graduates.

So, after years of experience of sending out stories to magazines, then writing query letters to agents and small presses, and eventually getting published–both stories and a story collection–I decided to put together the course I wish I’d been able to take. And that’s what this course is. We’ll talk about preparing manuscripts for submission, cover letters, researching markets, and much, much more. As a magazine editor now, I can tell you that all this stuff matters.

Consider the class. I think you’ll find it worthwhile.

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