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>Do you know about Glad Day Books? It’s a small press begun by Grace Paley and her husband Robert Nichols. I don’t know how active the press is–when I workshopped with them in January 2005 I thought they said they weren’t taking new books, but maybe I’m wrong because Glad Day published a book in August 2005–but it has some very intriguing titles in its catalogue.

As the website says:

The aim of our writers’ collaborative is to bridge the gap between imaginative literature and political articles and criticism – categories marketed under the labels fiction and non-fiction. This split isolates effective political criticism and trivializes the telling of stories.

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  1. >I know Leora Skolkin-Smith (Edges, Glad Day) very slightly through Readerville and she has had extremely positive things to say about working with Grace Paley and Glad Day. They may be small in some ways, but their books are very big in prestige. Leora read all over the country and got reviewed by a ton of people, plus she just got a grant from the PEN/Faulkner Foundation.

  2. >Did you read Edges? That was one I was thinking of ordering from Glad Day. I would think anything associated with Grace Paley would be pretty wonderful.

  3. >I have — it’s a blend of coming-of-age story and an evocation of a very complicated time and place. Plus, her prose is really lovely.

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