>Good News from GSU Review

>Three weeks ago I was informed that my story, “Nanking Mansion,” was a finalist in the 2007 GSU Review Fiction Contest. That was good news, but presented a dilemma because it meant I had to withdraw the story from other markets I’d submitted to, even though I wasn’t assured of winning the contest. (Being a finalist, though, included publication, so it wasn’t a complete risk.) However, I was informed today that the story was selected for First Prize by Keith Lee Morris. I’m thrilled, and I look forward to seeing the story in the Summer 2007 issue of the magazine.

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  1. >Congrats again, Cliff. Speaking of your short stories, I see that “The Pet Palace” is going to appear in Storyglossia! How did I miss that? Good news, strong story.

  2. >Thanks, All!

    Pamela, I may not have named which journal or story the week I announced that acceptance. Thanks for your help with that one!

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