Happy Bookiversary!

A couple of days ago, I celebrated the Publication Day of my latest book, House of the Ancients and Other Stories, released this week by Press 53. But today, May 14, is the first anniversary of the publication of my novel, The Shaman of Turtle Valley, released last year by Braddock Avenue Books.

It was a thrill a year ago to see the book in print and start hearing reactions to it from readers. The novel was very long in the making, as I’d actually finished it almost eight years before it was published, and its road to publication was long and winding. But I’m very proud of that book and hope that it continues to find a readership.

You can order the book from the publisher: Braddock Avenue Books.

You can also order from your favorite Independent Bookstore. (Or stop into the store and ask them to get it for you.) The book isn’t currently available from Bookshop, unfortunately.

You can buy in-store or on-line from Barnes & Noble.

Check out the great books, including The Shaman of Turtle Valley, you can order from Small Press Distribution.

And, of course, the book is also available from Amazon.com.

If you’re a library user, ask your local branch to get the book for their collection!

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