>Happy New Year and Happy Blogiversary


That’s Happy New Year in Chinese (which I get to say again on February 4 when we celebrate the Chinese New Year). 2010 wasn’t a bad year in writing for me, although it wasn’t a great year in publishing. One story appeared in print, another online. Mostly I’ve been engrossed in revisions to my novel–which are just about done. I had hoped that my novel in stories would have sold to a publisher by now, but it hasn’t. Maybe 2011 will bring better news on that front. 2010 did see the debut of the magazine I edit, though: Prime Number Magazine. That’s been both fun and gratifying, and I think we’ve published some fine work.

Besides being the New Year, January 1 marks the anniversary of the beginning of this blog. That’s right, Perpetual Folly is now six years old. I continue to get a steady stream of readers, so I think it’s worth it. I don’t have any major plans for changes to the blog, although I’d like to invite more authors to do guest spots here to promote their books. If you’ve got a book coming out in 2011, please get in touch with me.

This being the New Year, I’ve made the usual resolutions. I don’t think I’ll share them all, but the main resolution is simple and one that I recommend: Live in the moment.

And the moment, if I’ve timed this right, is 1.11.11 11:11AM

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