>Has anyone seen Antietam Review lately?

>Is Antietam Review dead? For months, writers have been reporting that submissions sent to the address posted on the website for Antietam Review have been returned by the post office. My own submission nearly a year ago did not come back, but I haven’t had a response either. Phone calls to the Washington Arts Council, host of AR, have not been returned. An email to the editor at his day job–he teaches at Shepherd College–was not answered. It’s most unfortunate if the magazine is dead. But whether or not it is dead, the editors should realize that the website lives forever and they need to post accurate information there. If it’s dead, let us know. If the address has changed, let us know that.

Update: I just had an email from the Washington County Arts Council confirming at the Antietam Review has suspended publication.

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  1. >Yes, my own manuscript, sent nearly one year ago, was returned yesterday and marked undeliverable. I see their web site has disappeared.

  2. >Yes, unfortuantely they are gone. It’s a shame, but I’m glad they’ve taken down the website finally so that people will stop submitting.

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