>Ice, Snow, Ice & Snow

>They’re coming. Tonight. This time the weather service is sure, and I believe them. Although it was a sunny morning, and the snowy dregs of Monday’s storm receded, the sky grew increasingly threatening as the day went on. It just LOOKED like it would snow. And if we get snow and ice overnight, it isn’t clear when the backroads will be passable. Now, I don’t mind if I’m snowed in for the day, but the fact is I am being picked up at 5 AM on Saturday to drive up to Dulles to catch my flight to Beijing. The weather should be fine for the trip, but I have to think about Bhikku, who had a reservation at his wonderful kennel starting Friday night. If I couldn’t get there (they’re backroads are even lower on the priority list than mine), then we’d be in trouble. So I called Peg & Mark and took Bhikku over there this afternoon a day early. He doesn’t seem to like riding in the car–never has–but is always perky and happy once we get there, and so he was today.

I’ve had to deal with these winter storms on the day before a China trip before, and it gets to be a mess, especially because my office invariably has to wait until the last minute to FedEx my tickets and passport (having socred the necessary visa for me) and as good an outfit as FedEx is, a snowstorm will keep them home, as happened one year and as nearly happened last year. So I kept bugging my office to get the package out by Wednesday for Thursday delivery, and they got it to me by noon today. Bottom line, the snow and ice can come, and I’ll be all set (as long as the roads are cleared by 5 AM on Saturday).

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