>Thanks to our ice storm which took out my power at 4:30 this morning (not to return until 2:30 this afternoon), my day was completely disrupted. Instead of working on a new story that I sketched out yesterday, I tried to read by lantern in the morning but found that it made me sleepy since the sky was still dark and I didn’t have any coffee. So I went back to bed. When I got up later the sky was brighter but the house was getting cold, so I lit a fire and read in the dining room. So I didn’t get any writing done, but I did manage to finish reading the latest Gettysburg Review, probably a day or so earlier than I otherwise would have. (I also suffered serious email withdrawal. At one point in the early afternoon, with no idea when power might return, I grabbed the laptop and headed into town—the roads were remarkably clear—and set up shop at Coffee on the Corner, only to discover that I’d forgotten to bring my wireless card! Fortunately I’d taken another journal with me, so I got a head start on the next installment of the LitMag Wave, as well.)

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