>Indiana University Writers’ Conference

>I learned yesterday that I have been awarded a scholarship to the Indiana University Writers’ Conference, which takes place in Bloomington on the IU campus in June. This Conference, as I understand it, is among the oldest in the country and offers both classes and workshops. The classes will be interesting I think. And one can always learn something in workshops, not only from the comments made about one’s own submission, but by analyzing the submissions of the other participants, watching their reactions, and observing the workshop leader. I will be in the workshop led by Amy Bloom, whose work I haven’t read until now. I just picked up her short story collection Come to Me, which was a finalist for the National Book Award, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

I was surprised to discover that scholarships for the IUWC are funded by donations from individuals and local businesses. My scholarship is “The Runcible Spoon Scholarship,” funded by Runcible Spoon, a cafe that was still new back when I was a graduate student at Indiana. I’m looking forward to my return to Bloomington, and a visit to the Spoon.

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  1. >Thanks, Myf.

    Jim, that’s funny. I’m looking forward to the First Annual Meeting of Runcible Spoon Scholars the following month . . . .

  2. >Looking forward to it, too, Cliff!

    I listened to Ted Genoways on his panel at Sewanee last year and was impressed. I didn’t have a chance to talk to him then. Maybe this year

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