>It’s over–back to writing?

>The workshop is over. At our farewell dinner at Casa Bugambilia in Tepoztlan–a beautiful estate nestled in the mountains–there were hugs all around. Grace led the way. I’m hopeful to stay in touch with her–what an amazing person! She pulled me aside before the party and apologized if she was “too bossy” about the ending of my second submission. The truth is, that was exactly what I needed and I told her so.

Back to Mexico City yesterday where my incipient cold kicked in. I was reluctant to travel, but I got on a bus this morning and came to Guanajuato, an unbelievably beautiful, old city 5 hours north of the capital. I’m staying in the Posada Santa Fe, a 150 year old hotel. No arguments there, but it has character all over the place.

As I was thrashing in my bed trying to get to sleep–congestion and sore throat impeding the process–I wrote a story in my head. I, of course, forgot about it until I sat down to post this entry. Now I have to go back to the hotel and commit it to paper. Bye!

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