I’ve Got Questions for Louise Marburg

Editor’s Note: This exchange is part of a series of brief interviews with emerging writers of recent or forthcoming books. If you enjoyed it, please visit other interviews in the I’ve Got Questions feature.

No Diving Allowed by Louise Marburg
  • What’s the title of your book? Fiction? Nonfiction? Poetry? Who is the publisher and what’s the publication date?

No Diving Allowed, fiction, short stories, Regal House Publishing, October 6th 2021

  • In a couple of sentences, what’s the book about?

It’s about the complexities of relationships, be they between friends, siblings, spouses, parents and children.  Each story contains a swimming pool.

  • What’s the book’s genre (for fiction and nonfiction) or primary style (for poetry)?

Literary fiction

  • What’s the nicest thing anyone has said about the book so far?

That it’s “brilliant.”

  • What book or books is yours comparable to or a cross between? [Is your book like Moby Dick or maybe it’s more like Frankenstein meets Peter Pan?]

I’ll say a cross between The Stories of John Cheever and Your Duck is My Duck by Deborah Eisenberg though not as good as either.

  • Why this book? Why now?

I write stories and sometimes they grow into a collection.  I don’t think anyone “needs” to read the book or that it’s somehow important in our time.  It’s important to me, and with any luck, some people will like it.

  • Other than writing this book, what’s the best job you’ve ever had?

Art Director at a weekly magazine.

  • What do you want readers to take away from the book?

I’d like readers to feel refreshed by the book, having felt mirth to sadness, a world of emotions.

  • What food and/or music do you associate with the book?

Coffee cream and snack bar food; classic rock

  • What book(s) are you reading currently?

The Outline Trilogy by Rachel Cusk and her newest, Second Place.  Also a terrific collection by Chris Stuck called Give My Love to the Savages.

Louise Marburg

Learn more about Louise at her website.

Buy the book from the publisher or Bookshop.org.

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  1. Louise Marbug’s stories are tight, incisive, insightful. Contemporary men and women navigate the strange jagged boundaries of relationships and broken lives with dogged persistence. And, sometimes, they swim.

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