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Susan Meyers’s first collection of poetry is available from the University of South Carolina Press. Susan is a terrific poet and I was excited recently to receive my copy of Keep and Give Away.

“As I read the final poem of Susan Meyers’s first full-length collection Keep and Give Away, I felt again the resonant ending of ‘Shelling: Ars Poetica’—’the last one leaves you wanting more.’ In poems as skillfully crafted as they are inspired, Meyers holds tight to the tenuous things of this world, polishing and polishing each until it glows. This is a stunning body of work.”—Cathy Smith Bowers, author of A Book of Minutes and Traveling in Time of Danger

I just checked Amazaon and this book still isn’t listed there, so everyone should just go ahead and order directly from USC Press at the link above. Here’s a sample:

Still Water

More than marginal,
a gloss its striders depend on.

Prefaced by duckweed. Argument
with the merely clever,
philosophy of sunrise and lily.

Marked by the day’s drift of polen,
turning page of a sky
that keeps two secrets: daylight

and night–all this, fully indexed,
leaf by floating leaf.

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