>"Leviathan" in R.KV.R.Y

>It was my very first story acceptance and the second to appear in print when it came out in North Dakota Quarterly in 2004. And now the fascinating magazine R.KV.R.Y has reprinted Leviathan in its Winter 2008 issue.

I’m thrilled, not only because I’m fond of the story but also because I think this is a fine magazine that’s beautifully put together. (R.KV.R.Y also reprinted the first of my stories to be published, The Clattering of Bones, in its Summer 2006 issue.)

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  1. >What are your thoughts about submitting previously published material? Obviously, you believe it’s okay, since you mention having done so twice. I’m just asking what, in the case of your two stories, made that a ponderable option. Thanks.

  2. >The submission guidelines for some magazines, including R.KV.R.Y, expressly state that previously published material will be considered. Magazines often state exactly the opposite and you have to be clear what the target magazine permits. In the case of the two stories I mentioned, they were both published in print magazines with relatively small circulations and I was anxious to find a wider audience for them. Online magazines are a good option for that, as long as the story doesn’t appear online elsewhere.

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