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>Today I am offering a copy of the innaugural issue of Subtropics, that would be Issue No. 1, featuring work by John Barth, Eileen Pollack, Abigail Thomas, and many others.

Also still available: Mid-American Review (Volume XXVII, No. 1) and The Florida Review (Volume 32.2, Fall 2007).

If you are interested in trading for any of these issues, leave a comment with what you will swap for it and if it’s something I don’t have we’ll work out the details.

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  1. >hey cliff,

    i’ll swap you something if you want?

    you interested in any tin house issues? ive got 30-34

    or ive got bat city 1 and bat city 2?

    let me know

  2. >Hey, Ryan. I’ve got those Tin Houses, but I’d love a Bat City–that’s one I’ve not seen. Did you want the Subtropics or the others?

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