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>I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the new Mel Brooks musical, Young Frankenstein, was set for tryouts in Seattle and will open in New York in November. (I was especially interested because my old friend Fred Applegate is in the show.)

I knew right away that there was buzz building because I started getting a lot of hits here from people looking for information about the show. Lots of hits.

Now the show has opened in Seattle and it sounds fantastic. A reader, Brian Elslip, left this comment:

My Wife and I saw the show last night and are still buzzing from it this morning. It’s a wonderful, magical experience when all of a show’s elements come together like this, the writing, set design, score, sound effects and the acting all were phenomenal. I plan to go again before the show leaves town, kudos to the cast and crew!

and Fred also left a comment about how wonderful the reaction has been.

If you live in the Northwest, better check it out fast or your next chance will be on Broadway!

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  1. >I, too, was lucky enough to see the show and it was terrific. Glad to hear this blog’s host is a pal with Fred Applegate, because, he is absolutely perfect, with great comic timing, building the hermit scene spectaularly. My wife caught the show yeaterday and she said when the candle went out, Fred didn’t flinch, dropped in a funny line to cover and re-lit the thing, like the pro that he is. Saw Fred as Cogsworth in LA and producers in NY and he is as good as it gets. Also, if you do nothing else in your life, see Andrea Martin live on stage. She is Brodways’s current Imogene Coca, Lucy and Carol Burnett, and delivers the goods as the Frau. The first act is a bit long but I saw the fourth show with an audience and you know it will only get better. Susan Stroman, Thomas Meehan and Mel have done it again.

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