>New Issue: The Short Review

>If you like short stories (for some reason that’s all writers and few civilians), you should be reading The Short Review, the online magazine dedicated to reviewing short story collections.

This month’s reviews include an anthology, a magazine, and collections by Michael J. Farrell, Anthony Cropper, Chris Beckett, Alan McMonagle, Erin Pringle, Petina Gappah, and Wendy Marcus.

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  1. >Cliff, thanks so so much for the Short Review plug, as always, but just wanted to correct something before I am deluged with complaints! We don't review magazines, it's collections and anthologies only, both those books by Various Authors are annual anthologies, not lit mags. I sadly turn lit mag editors away, because we are overwhelmed by the short story collections we are being offered, and because there are excellent outlets already reviewing lit mags. Maybe one day…

  2. >Sorry, Tania. I was confused by "Mechanics Institute Review" which sounds like a litmag, but now I see on closer inspection that it's an annual anthology (albeit one with a misleading name!). Thanks for clearing that up.

  3. >Thanks, Cliff! You're quite right about the name, it is misleading, as well as the fact that it's got nothing to do with mechanics. Damn writers!

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