October 1 is ZHANG BOYS Day

My novel in stories, WHAT THE ZHANG BOYS KNOW, will be published on October 1, 2012. (Advance copies are already available, but this is the official, actual, for-real publication date.)

If everybody bought a copy on October 1 . . . Or for those of you who got an advance copy, if everyone posted a review on Goodreads/Amazon on October 1 . . .

The book consists of 12 stories set in a condominium building in Washington, DC, and while it explores the lives of all the residents–a novelist struggling to finish

a book, a sculptor discovering a son he didn’t know he had, a painter obsessed with a face, a lawyer mourning his several losses, a teacher who doesn’t know what he’s lost, and more–it focuses on the life of widower Zhang Feng-qi, a Chinese immigrant, as he searches for a new mother for his young sons. And the sons–the Zhang Boys–weave through their neighbors’ lives, discovering the threads that tie them all together.

The book can be ordered through your local independent bookstore (some stores may carry it in stock–be sure to ask), from Barnes & Noble, or from Amazon.com (paperback copies will ship immediately, the Kindle version will be available on October 1.)

For more information about the book and to read the cool blurbs that some awesome writers have given it (John Casey, Christine Schutt, Kevin Wilson, Katharine Weber, Patrick Somerville), please visit my website: http://cliffordgarstang.com/

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